MySQL Documents by Rick James

Tips, Debugging, HowTos, Optimizations, etc...

Rick's RoTs (Rules of Thumb -- lots of tips)
Memory Allocation (caching, etc)
Character Set and Collation problem solver
Converting from MyISAM to InnoDB -- includes differences between them
Big DELETEs - how to optimize -- and other chunking advice, plus a use for PARTITIONing
Compound INDEXes plus other insights into the mysteries of INDEXing
Partition Maintenance (DROP+REORG) for time series
Entity-Attribute-Value -- a common, poorly performing, design pattern; plus an alternative
Find the nearest 10 pizza parlors -- efficient searching on Latitude + Longitude (another PARITION use)
Alter of a Huge table -- Mostly obviated by 5.6
Latest 10 news articles -- how to optimize the schema and code for such
Pagination, not with OFFSET, LIMIT
Data Warehouse techniques (esp., Summary Tables)
Techniques on efficiently finding a random row (On beyond ORDER BY RAND())
GUID/UUID Performance (type 1 only)
IP Range Table Performance -- or other disjoint ranges
MySQL Limits -- built-in hard limits
Galera Notes (Percona XtraDB Cluster, MariaDB 10, or manually installed)
Rollup Unique User Counts
5.7's Query Rewrite -- perhaps 5.7's best perf gain, at least for this forum's users
Best of MySQL Forum -- index of lots of tips, discussions, etc

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